Sunday, November 13, 2011

Best Applications for iPod Touch

For applications to be great for the iPod Touch, several criteria: They must have an excellent online features, as well as fully functional online experience, if you connect to Wi-Fi. It should be easy to use, because many Touch owners not super technically savvy. And, last but not least, it must touch one you mean sleek, machine virulence. What is a truly objective measure, I promise.

As the owner of an iPhone iPod Touch tired, here is one of the best applications for the iPod Touch. Screw the iPhone.
  • KICKMap (Free)
KICKMap really only for those who live in New York, but if you do, this is one heck of an application. All it is, frankly, is a large hi-res images of the subway system of New York. In a strange environment? Kick the fire and figure out how to get home. The trains are not running? Check out the kick for alternative routes.

If you are in shape, you read things again, like a book (which is still there .. No joke) Kindle is a great application that synchronizes with Amazon and purchase the site of reading, readers of your desktop and even your own pictures if you have one. Read offline, sync, whenever you can.

If you are in Facebook, one of the most popular social networking site, then this application is mandatory. It gives you a clean and easy access to most Facebook features.

  • Brain Tuner Lite (Free)
If you want your brain in tip top shape to keep, then this game is for you. Basically, you have only to say whether or not each row represents a true statement. But you need to do this in less time. This way you can continue to improve your score, and train your brain.

Tthe navigable beautiful earth that you have on your computer is also available on the iPod Touch. And it feels better with multi-touch screen.

  • Labyrinth Lite Edition (Free) 
Another game to demonstrate the excellent properties brought by the accelerometer. You only need to control the ball through the maze to reach the goal and avoid the holes. It feels like the real thing.

  • iPint (free)
Totally useless, but since this is the first application I installed on my iPod Touch hard to let go. Moreover, it is always fun to use, if any of the iPod Touch to people nearby. This application simulates a pint of beer is pretty much behave like the real thing, except if you really do not stain the floor if you spill it :-) It also includes cool games for you liter from one side of the guide bar to the other , all with the accelerometer.

Best Applications for iPod Touch, This list is not complete and clear as I have time I'll update it with new applications. So, keep tuned. I also welcome your suggestions and I thank you in advance by the help supply you with the improvement of this list.


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