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iPad 2 Powerful iPad Generation

iPad 2

To say, Apple IPAD 2 tablets are easy to review a bit of understatement. Device tracking last year's highly successful (and currently on the market, down) IPAD, almost identical when it comes to software, and although improved, is closely associated with the hardware side as well. With a screen 9.7-inch 1024 x 768 overall size and shape of the device remains the same, but even there a new dual-core processor A5, more memory and a pair of new cameras, part  IPAD  2 cosmetic changes. However, previous tablet soared far most of its competitors when it comes to quality of hardware (if not standard features) and software selection - something Apple still stands head and shoulders better than the opponent. So this new model, this version is thinner, thinner, and faster than the original cannot break much new ground, but he is already at the forefront. But it is  IPAD 2 cost upgrade for those who decide the first generation? More importantly, if the device is what it takes to bring new owners at times?

* Hardware

IPAD 2 or for all - and for - the hardware. In terms of design, IPAD 2 only seriously upped the ante in a sleek, sexy computer hardware. If you own the original model, you know this is not slouch in the design department, but the latest iteration took it to another location as a whole. The first thing you may notice for the IPAD 2 is that it is thin - incredibly thin. At the thickest point, the tablet is only 0.34 inches (compared to the first half IPAD-inch thick). The device is slightly shorter than the previous model (at 9.5-inches), but also slightly wider (7.3 inches only against IPAD 07:47-inch). It looks and feels great when holding slim. As Steve Jobs demonstrated at the launch, the device is thinner than iPhone amazingly thin 4 - quite a feat considering what is packed in shale. Of course, not yet really light, weighing 1.33 kg (or 1:34 / 1:35 for 3G models), just a hair below the original and a half pounds.

Like previous versions, in front of the screen, but all of the panel (which appears slightly wider than the first model) and home button at the bottom of the screen. In 2 IPAD does not add back of this camera button at the top of the device, but is almost invisible speck. At the rear is aluminum, finely familiar from previous versions (do not feel a bit delicate here), a network spokesman small dots in the lower left corner of the chamber in the upper left corner, and depending on the model you are, 3G antenna on the back the beginning. Volume and mute / play a key meeting in the back left side of the device, you will find the right slot for Micro SIM (the 3G version). The standard 30-pin dock connector on the bottom while the top reveal the power button / sleep in the upper right side, and a 3.5mm headphone jack on the left. All companies are fairly standard for IPAD, but intelligently put together in a small frame.

Ultimately, this is a very nice package and trim. The picture does not quite do justice IPAD 2 - it feels really, really great in your hand. Not only gives a sense of heavy construction and permanent, but in combination with a thin profile, the new tapered edges makes the device behaves in a real joy. Apple is known for its design and not just chews the scenery here, two beautiful and serious IPAD made.

* Internal / display / audio

Much has been done on what is - and not - in the new IPAD. For starters, Apple has replaced last year with the A4 chip processor called dual 1GHz A5 (surprise surprise). According to Geekbench, now has 512 MB of RAM IPAD, bringing it down to iPhone 4 standard. Are still visible on the low side for us - a device in this class may have 1 GB of physical exercise, although we have no memory problems. The screen is identical to the previous model, 1024 x 768, 9.7 inch IPS. She still looks good, although we are really pleased to see a boom in the resolution - if not the Retina Display double numbers, then something substantial. We have no problem with the display quality as far as color balance and depth of blacks go, but want to see a higher pixel density, especially for applications book.

On the wireless front, you can capture both WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n) model alone, Verizon 3G version, and different IPAD AT & T / GSM. Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR are on board, and AGPS chip in the 3G version. All models are equipped with ambient light sensor, accelerometer, and a new addition: a three-axis gyroscope.
As we said, IPAD Apple a speaker is moved to the back of the device. The sound seems clear, if a little quieter than the old version and we cannot say that there is great improvement in housing goes. It does work, but if you work in Garage Band (or just listen to music or watch videos), you'll want headphones or speakers to a decent nearby.

However, the front part of the specification IPAD 2 feels very repetitive. There is nothing here that is truly mind-blowing, but nothing here makes it feel far from the nearest competition. We're pretty early in the game a little boost in tablet specification, which will last another season, but Apple should give the weapon greater when looking at the "3" at the end of IPAD alias.
Geekbench Score (higher is better)
Apple IPAD 2721
Apple IPAD 442
Apple iPhone 4375
As mentioned above, IPAD is equipped with a chip, dual 1GHz called A5. According to Geekbench processor 800MHz clock. When I first deal with the device seems much faster for us, even after one week with one tablet, it is still zippier than previous models with a small probability.

Processor and graphics performance of these tablets is very impressive for us - 2 IPAD very well, regardless of what you throw at it, games and heavy graphics look better frame rate, even when dealing with CPU intensive programs as Garage Band, rarely (if ever) seems to be struggling.

But not just our word for it: Geekbench shows clearly what the benefits of the display processor by IPAD 2.

* Battery

Not surprisingly, Apple promises a main battery of the IPAD 2. Although the device is physically modest down, the company says users can expect the same longevity witnessed in previous versions. In our tests, this is 100% correct. For the first few days we use our devices do not even bother to turn it in. In fact, even during heavy use - 3G and WiFi on, app testing (heavy work in Garage Band in particular), surfing, reading news, e mail, image / video taking and listening to music - we forget to turn IPAD 2 to slot the range of about five days. When no plug, battery percentage was still only hovering around 30-year low.
Battery Life
Apple IPAD 2 10:26
Apple IPAD 09:33
Motorola Xoom 08:20
Dell Streak 7 03:26
Archos 101 7:20
Samsung Galaxy 06:09
In our standard test video (MPEG4 video clips to move downstream, WiFi, screen brightness at about 65%), 2 IPAD manages 10 hours and 26 minutes non-stop playing unbelievable. Who wins own claims of Apple, and his senior nearest rivals - Xoom - about 2 hours. That's another whole movie!

To say we were impressed would be an understatement. In IPAD 2 fully deliver when it comes to battery life

* Camera

Let's just put it there: IPAD 2 cameras are really bad. They cannot be used, but it is clear that the sensor used is not top shelf by any measure. If you have a fourth generation IPod Touch with a camera, you can expect the same results. In fact, we think that this is the same camera used in IPod touch - there is "HD" lens on the back (which means roughly one megapixel shooter), and you lower the front VGA camera. None of this remotely produced satisfactory results for still images and in particular (as opposed to something like Xoom), the camera looks behind the second level. For the task of video and Face Time calls, the camera is very useful - but we will never trade a special camera (or at least one Smartphone with megapixel shooter 5 +) for this.

Even with lower quality sensors, Apple has yet to cover the gap between the original and IPAD is a new contest - so this means that video calling is now in press. And since its Apple, we were treated with an application Face Time, Photo Booth, and the new iMovie (more about those at the moment). At the end of the day, the company is placing a flag on the ground when it comes to tablets with a camera, but it seems that this is done at least happen. We will not lie: we are disappointed with how they feel low-end camera. We do not expect to do a photo shoot with the tablet (in fact, we find the use of tablets in this way becomes very uncomfortable), but this does not mean that you want a camera that gives results remind us of the RAZR. In short, it feels like IPAD 2 has a serious shortage of photons.

* Software

It will be a product without updating the new IOS, IOS and IPAD 2 ushers in section 4.3, small update a few brokers’ bells and whistles. Specifically, Apple has improved the functioning of the browser adds support for larger game, thankfully added an option to turn off the key tasks for key rotation, and (the iPhone at least) is Personal Hotspot device, GSM (but not IPAD 2).

Together with IPAD update, Apple also introduced two important pieces of software - Garage Band and iMovie for IPAD. Here we take the application and some other great additions.

* Browser

Apple claims big gains in speed and performance of the browser, thanks to a new IOS for the introduction of the Nitro JavaScript engine software that underlies Safari Mobile. In our tests, we scored some pretty healthy Sun Spider 2173.1ms (while Google V8 re-scores 338). There is nothing to panic about laptop compared to the number below - but compare these figures with the four original iPhone and IPAD works 4.2. Of course, Motorola Xoom neck and neck with IPAD 2, in terms of browser performance that shows the speed of Apple most definitely not just a domain.
Sun Spider results (lower is better)
IPAD 2 (IOS 4.3) 2173.1ms
IPAD (IOS 4.2.1) 8207.0ms
IPAD (IOS 4.3) 3484.7ms
Apple iPhone 4 (IOS 4.2.1) 10291.4ms
Apple iPhone 4 (IOS 4.3) 4052.2ms
Motorola Xoom 2141.8ms
Motorola Atrix 4G 4100.6ms
In common usage, we find the browser will be faster and more responsive than previous IPAD, which a good thing is given that the browser experience is still not enough to provide a desktop experience. That said IPAD 2 will be much closer to the speed and fluidity that you see on your laptop - and its clear Apple put time and effort to complete it.

We still have to be a problem with the lack of Flash, however. While many sites have started renting for HTML5 video and interactive elements, there are still a lot of content cannot see, because Apple will not allow the Flash platform. We do not say that we believe that the experience will be a killer (although we have seen good results jail broken flash IPAD), but the ability to turn on and off really will be accepted.

* Face Time / Photo Booth

As you might expect, the experience of Face Time IPAD is a completely different experience from your iPhone or PC OS X. Although different layout, primarily get the same results. As a phone, you cannot use this service when not on WiFi, but given that you're dealing with one tablet, unlike the phone, it seems a little more reasonable.

The results are not surprising, but satisfying a video call are placed, but again, they are not camera produces images that are amazing - especially when you're piping the video in both directions.

Photo Booth, on the other hand, has gone from the spectacle of light in OS X for a full blown implementation of events IPAD 2. A5 CPU device seems to have little trouble cranking out nine separate, preview of live video on the type of effects that can be made to the application, and when in full screen mode, you can tweak the silly-but-often psychedelic schedule the contents of your liver. This is not something that is incredibly useful, but we imagine many people will go to the Apple store with IPAD 2 in hand, after playing around with it for several minutes. It's just kind of cool.

* Garage Band

Coming from experience in professional audio production, our initial reaction to Garage Band is one of skepticism weight - but attitudes are changing fast enough. $ 4.99 piece of software offers eight tracks of audio recorded or tools, software, together with the ability to mix your level, add effects and even apply amps and stomp boxes their songs. The software also has a library of predefined lines, along with options for audio sample and creates a stage instrument itself.

We were immediately impressed by the form and focus, which clearly came into this application, it feels like a watered version of the desktop application - it feels like a new game. Do the songs and pieces of footage of a song could not be easier, and tools that have provided software offers a variety of choices when it comes to creating and manipulating sound. In addition to the standard selection of piano, keyboard and drum kits, Apple also introduced creative (and certainly annoying for some) a set of tools called Smart Tools.

The tool works in a very clever way, if you use a guitar settings in this mode, you are presented with what looks like the neck of the guitar and the spread of preset chords. You can choose the tool or jingled as you would a real guitar and the results are surprising, with life. If you really are not inclined musically, you have a guitar basically plays for you when you switch between styles and chords. We were amused by the latest version, but really addicted ex. We would like to see Apple add an option to allow users to define their own chords, which will open a ton of options and really let the creative musician, but this is a very good start for a completely new concept of making music. There are also tools for intelligent piano / keyboard (a little more hands than to change the guitar) and drums. Intelligent Instruments Drums allow you to mix and match certain drums on a network that represents the volume and patterns, allowing you to create interesting rhythmic combinations simply by dragging and dropping their attack, snare and hi-hat. Once again we would like to see Apple allow user defined model here, but there are a lot of love to explore for non-musicians and musicians alike.

In pattern mode, you can pull out and the complete sequence of songs with eight songs. Apples approach taken here is a little strange asking you to duplicate or extend any set of models as part, but once you get the hang of it, it starts to make sense. We want to see some options to be able to edit the specific note, and - as it stands, Apple only lets you record split again, not correct or change entries in the section.

Overall, this is part of an innovative software for tablet. This is not without problems - in fact, we have several major system crash requiring a reboot, lock IPAD. It is clear that there are errors to be handled, and that despite the increased CPU and memory A5, music tracking and management application remains very heavy piece of code. However, we found ourselves completely fascinated with Garage Band and cannot say. Whether playing games, writing, or record the value of the software will completely clear from the outset.

* iMovie

iMovie for IPAD was not quite revelatory experience of Garage Band, but the application offers many tools for video editing on the go - and it's not cheaper, clocking in at only $ 4.99. In such a blow-up version of the iPhone App, iMovie now lets you edit your videos are taken from both the device and import the file in a sensitive-feely environment is actually more intuitive than desktop applications - at least in some way.

Like other versions of the software, you get a set of templates and effects associated with movies that you can apply to your videos. Editing is a new experience - all friction and movement - but surprisingly simple. Do not kill the possibility of a transition or effect, but the raw materials provided more than enough to create a competent work, especially if you edit with a family vacation or a first birthday. We want to see some better options to deal with audio (cross fading and volume curve of the right style of iMovie will be great), but we are confident that people will come up with some very exciting work, despite the limitations of ap.

You can export and immediately upload the contents of various sources, including YouTube, Vimeo, CNN iReport, and Facebook. And yes, you can do it in HD. In our experience, the process works perfectly.

IMovie version tested - like Garage Band - a little buggy and prone to block completely when editing, and we have to go back and create some of our edits after a crash. This is not tragic (not the actual content is lost), but we expect Apple to take a long look at the bug reports that are sure to pour in. Despite this, however, cannot beat this program application, which is surprising price point.

* Airplay / HDMI / Smart Close

Airplay has already expanded to handle more applications, which means that developers can plug into the API, to get video (and more) to TV Apple TV screen wherever located. This is good, but until people start taking advantage of it, no t places, you can use it now. You can, however, all H.264 video streaming from the site, and you can now access images and video clips are stored on your device that resides in the camera roll.
If you are really serious about getting the video output to TV, you will want to take new HDMI device Apple ($ 39), which allows you to plug directly into the HDTV (and has a dock connector on your site as well). This is a product that is quite strange, considering that you need HDMI cables stretched in your living room. Unless, of course, simply drop off the IPAD TV to watch some content, and never stopped or miss anything. That said, the adapter works perfectly, and when we have HD video running on the IPAD 2, it sends the content to the TV without any difficulty.

Other accessories from Apple Smart Covers records. This ingenious little flaps are basically screen protector with a smart set of magnets in the country - instead of wrapping around the IPAD or hanging device with unsightly hooks or straps, Apple has developed a method for attaching the cover with well placed magnets. It is difficult to explain how it works included, but the effect is startling when you first see it, magnet only seems to know where to go. This is pure gimmick and covers (which come from polyurethane for $ 39 and leather varieties of $ 69) did a great job keeping your screen protected. This includes also can put your device to sleep and then up when you close or open the lid - and can be folded over itself to be used as a stand in various positions. Accessories also have microfiber lining, which should help to clean your screen. But, of course, there is something more than IPAD display and test the device, which actually has a severe bruise on the back because it is not there to protect him. We love the convenience of Smart Cover and the way it looks, but if you are seriously concerned about the IPAD general (not just the screen), you may want to check other options.

* Summary

Can thwart competition to hear this, but I must say: IPAD 2 is not only the best tablets on the market, it feels like only tablet on the market. As we like to say something like Xoom has threatened the existence of Apple in this space, it is very difficult (if not impossible) to do it. Well IPAD 2 a perfect product? Of course not. The cameras are much smaller on the screen - a very high quality - is praise specification last year, and operating systems are still major problems, annoying pop-up notification. The price point of $ 499, and many options once (such as more storage space and a model that works on Verizon, and 3G network AT & T is), there is little to argue for a street price and in terms of usability, applications like GarageBand prove that we have not even scratched the surface of the IPAD what I can do.

iPad 2

For owners of previous generations, we do not think Apple put a fire under you to upgrade. If you really need a camera on your tablet, you still have a solid piece of equipment that use a lot of benefits from the latest OS and application. For those of you who do not jump, do not hesitate to take a deep breath and dive in - in IPAD 2 is as good as it gets now. And this is really quite good.

Macbook pro 13 inch Hot Detail

13-inch Apple MacBook Pro has many new features to the table of the previous generation. Consumers are now much battery life is very impressive, better display, faster processor, FireWire, SD-card slots, and best of all low starting price. Get more or less seems to be a trend during this slow economy, so is there any reason not to buy a new 13 "MacBook Pro?

13-inch Apple MacBook Pro
  • Construction and Design
At 13.3 "MacBook Pro is very sleek and elegant, which is what we are accustomed to expect from chassis Apple Unibody design with sharp lines indicate panel or without a break, except at the bottom of a large group that covers the inside .. Apple gives We are a very simple interface with minimal clutter (and ports) to change what is usually futile tool in a work of art. In order to simplify their design turned into an internal battery for this model instead of a cover and release bar, as in the previous version.

Build quality is excellent thanks to the Unibody chassis is very strong and solid machine from a solid block of aluminum. Unless you will tighten the MacBook Pro in a vise and try to bend it, you can not really find a rope in the main body of the notebook. Closing the screen does not Flex just under strong pressure, but with something slim expected. Without plastic panel, with the exception of the screen hinge, no part of that squeak or creak under normal use. Beyond the rough model, which I can not think of a portable computer that has a stronger chassis Unibody MacBook.

Usually the upgrade as simple as changing faster hard disk or memory upgrade system (or battery replacement) to take some additional steps in the new 13.3" Macbook Pro To access user-serviceable components need to buy precision Phillips screwdriver head. and remove the 10 screws around the cover of the notebook with you to get access to batteries, hard drives, optical drives, and system memory are closely arranged .. Having overcome great fear of the bottom of the shiny new MacBook Pro, upgrade component that is not bad only problem that may occur would oppose proposals by Apple is advisable to not remove the main battery when replacing components .. usually want to turn off AC and battery of the laptop before you change RAM or hard drive to prevent damage.

  • Screen and Speakers
Screen MacBook Pro is average compared to other glossy panels, and tended to reduce the presence of highly reflective glass covering the display. This increases the number of reflections from other objects, including yourself sitting in front of the laptop. As they adjust to after a while it can still be annoying. Photos and movies look great, thanks to the glossy surface and a strong boom in 60% more color range than the previous generation MacBook, which provides vivid colors and deep blacks. Overall brightness is very good to view in brightly lit rooms as an office building or lecture hall. If you are unable to find the shade you can use it outdoors as long to find a strategic position away from the glare. Terms that average TN LCD panel, the color begins to show signs of recovery, where entitled 20-25 degrees forward or backward. Horizontal viewing angle is much better with colors staying accurate steep angles to the point where the screen reflection defeat.

The speakers sound weak compared to other laptops with a little bass or midrange sound. In the closed position of the speakers does not help with stereo separation, so that the end sounds like a mono speaker. To enjoy the iTunes music or watch a movie headphones are the best choice. MacBook Pro also supports digital audio output through the headphone jack to connect to stereo to surround sound is another option you can go to village

  • Keyboard and Touchpad
13 "MacBook Pro offers full Chiclet-style keyboard is fully backlit for typing in which the lamp may not be best. While Sony initially created style keyboard, I think Apple really improved and a better option. Comfortable keyboard type and easy to move to if you're used to typing on a standard notebook keyboard with buttons healthy distance between smooth key action with the average pressure is less than that required to activate the key noise .. low key, almost muted soft click when pressed If you like stealth type, look no further .. good lighting, even when you are not completely dark room. If you do not use the keyboard of Apple, it makes it easier to find the key, because everything is lit. Illumination is fully customizable to become lighter when the room is light and weak, when you need a key blinding light in the dark room.

A compromise Unibody MacBook Pro has a sharp edge around the perimeter. Palmrest most laptops are rounded or slightly inclined to the front of the palmrest, and the MacBook Pro is a completely flat surface with sharp edges. If you usually hang from the edge of your wrist, as I do one thing that you notice from time to time are edges dig into your wrist. If you have small hands, it can not be a problem, but for someone like me was painful quickly. This is just another example of the form has a higher priority than functionality.

The touchpad is large multitouch surface, no separate touchpad buttons. Clicking action is remote buttons below the touchpad that allows the entire surface of the "click". If you use the touchpad to another, it takes awhile to get used to clicking on the very surface, and on a button below it. In OS X touchpad sensitivity is excellent, does not offer a default delay sensitivity. In contrast to Windows, that support the driver does not give you experience the same liquid. Choppy movements and over-sensitive when the cursor will sometimes put in the middle of the drag objects or take a lot to try to double click. Another problem that ran in touchpad is sometimes found a slight increase in pressure on the finger by double-clicking, you open the application as it runs on top of the list in the Start menu. None of these problems can be found in OS X.

  • Ports and Features
The new 13 "MacBook Pro has two USB ports, one Mini DisplayPort, LAN, and the return of FireWire 800. ESATA While it is generally best when it comes to fast external memory, the more targeted at Mac FireWire storage devices offer a long-standing support of the standard Apple Macbook Pro also offers a headphone jack and SD card SD-new. she brought to the same level that most PC has been for several years.
The most remarkable thing in the MacBook Pro is a handy size battery mounted on the part of the notebook. Pressing a number of eight LED lights indicate when the level of battery charge. This is handy if you think about reaching the computer before you head out the door without an adapter ... only if the battery is completely dead.

  • Execution
System performance is very good, even with the NVIDIA 9400M integrated graphics. While most of the choice of Intel integrated graphics have been significantly reduced performance compared with the selection of specialized, NVIDIA has broken this trend with the 9400M. With 3DMark06 score an average of more than 2,100 3DMarks, is comparable to the lower class, who are dedicated and can handle games the previous generation with some tweaking of resolution and detail settings. In our tests the portal game, 13 "MacBook Pro delivered 38-42 frames per second (FPS) with a resolution of 1280x800 at high settings to see through a single portal Looking through the portal will be higher than 55FPS footage. And if you look through the two will be dropped to around 22-23FPS.

13-inch Apple MacBook Pro

Outside the gaming handle 720p and 1080p HD movie decoding with ease, perfect for home theater center with mini-DisplayPort to HDMI adapter. Although we saw no significant delays associated with 5400rpm hard drive in our review model, modernization 7200rpm drive will reduce the boot and load. Batteries should be minimal impact, but you can see a decline of 15-30 minutes. An interesting feature associated with the hard drive we saw with the new MacBook Pro is the device performance of SATA-150 mode. Some members of our forum there is also the problem that you begin to look to upgrade to a fast SSD is able to push more than 150MB / s. It is too early to say if this is hardware or software errors, but we are prone to software problems.

Apple iPod Nano : Mini and Powerful

iPod Nano

Additional options of IPod Nano

No matter how skinny and little it's fourth generation Ipod, music player incorporates a sizable amount of extra. Alarm, calendar, clock, notes, to call some. "Time" because the perform is named, let's check up on the particular time in several countries, the calendar speaks for itself and additionally to the alarm perform, nano additionally options a stopwatch. And if that wasn't enough, you'll additionally play games on the nano. The famous Solitaire games offered, and another that uses motion sensors. additional and additional games are downloadable at the time of payment in iTunes store. In IPod nano has radio and voice recorder. every of those functions is extremely smart and can be a surprise to several shoppers realize it all in such atiny low device

Standby time of IPod Nano

Loading IPod nano is enabled via the included USB cable or adapter (sold separately). a totally charged nano ought to continue for twenty-four hours music and four hours of video game in accordance with the specifications. These figures are quite right if you are doing nothing except hear music or video playback. However, once you check up on the menu for a few time, or play some games out of boredom, or see the calendar, battery life decreases dramatically. Loading IPod nano is pretty quick, however it takes one.5 hours to charge eightieth of the battery and three hours for IPod nano is absolutely charged.

Assessment IPod nano

In IPod nano is everything you'd expect from an IPOD. every perform of the previous model are integrated in nano and some nice addition as a canopy flow, games and different fourth generation Apple Ipod Nano could be a lovely rectangular style, that incorporates a direct hand in excellent form and feel higher for it. The sound is nice, however solely at higher volumes, that are losing cash. One issue I noticed regarding housing is that it's rather early in cartilage. notwithstanding how fastidiously you treat IPod Nano, no bag can surely gather scratches. ITunes program works terribly closely with Apple product like iPods, so a bit of cake to sync your IPod to your laptop. A over welcome feature is 8GB or perhaps 16GB flash memory, that is offered IPod nano. Overall, IPod nano could be a multimedia player of the best rank, proven once more by this generation. move to subsequent generation!

iPod Nano

Friday, November 11, 2011

iPad Wifi Advantages and Troubleshooting

iPad Wi-Fi, we have our first taste IPAD this morning, standing at the Apple store on Regent Street and now we know that Wi-Fi IPAD can be better than buying IPAD 3G now for four main reasons.
  1. Availability of 3G IPAD model lowest price is not in stock delivery in the future may be very limited. 3G 16GB and 32GB models are by far the most popular of which make you come up with different models of 3G 64GB Wi-Fi and most expensive models.
  2. Cost and weight, Wi-Fi version £ 100 cheaper than its comparable model with a 3G version of the cheaper 16GB model costs just £ 429. IPAD is only 680 g Wi-Fi device 50 grams (or 7.4 percent) less than Wi-Fi, 3G model. Small but every bit helps.
  3. The battery according to iLounge, IPAD 3G battery has about 8 hours and 38 minutes, while Wi-Fi only model has battery life to 10 hours 21 minutes per use. So opt for the Wi-Fi versions can add a short two hours of their use value.
  4. Point, the most powerful reason to quit 3G is that you probably can use it wherever you have access to Wi-Fi. For example, BT Open zone together has to offer unlimited BT Open zone network and 500 UK roaming minutes for £ 12, 50 per month, while single clouds unlimited package gives access to thousands of hotspots in the country for only £ 6, 99 per month. Remember that this is not so limited package of all packages on the market microSIM. However, they will only meet your needs if you are likely to persist where Wi-Fi hotspot.
Solving the problem, according to documents recently released Apple Support, Apple plans to release a software update to fix the problem with Wi-Fi connectivity IPAD, some users are experiencing.

Problems users have with Wi-Fi, including weak signals, forgotten passwords and issues with lease DHCP. If you have consistent problems, Apple offers a number of improvements, ranging from the obvious potential for really weird. Listed among the possible solutions is to update your router firmware using WPA or WPA2 instead of WEP encryption, updating the IP address of the IPAD, Wi-Fi toggling from time to time, or increase the screen brightness.

Although we are not sure why to adjust screen brightness will affect IPAD Wi-Fi connection, something worth trying. If the brightness trick does not work, however, try to scare your IPAD, to drink a glass of water as quickly as possible, or a tablet held my breath and count to 10.

Wi-Fi IPAD 800 kg gorilla tablet of the world, although one of the newest devices on the block. This is the top for a reason, though: this is the easiest to use, most complete tablets and e-reader functions are available with screen, clear light and good battery life. It comes with access to the Apple iTunes store itself, but also support for Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many other online e-book and media store can be added quickly and easily.

However, larger, bulkier, more cumbersome to use and has a shorter battery life than dedicated e-book readers like Amazon Kindle uses E-Ink screen. If all you want is to read electronic books, you are probably better with a special device. But if you want to read books, watch video, play music and Internet access, the choice to IPAD or Android tablet and IPAD is much easier to use and more flexible devices, provided they do not mind staying within of Apple.

We were very impressed by the quality of the screen IPAD Wi-Fi, which provides good contrast between black and white and clean, bright colors. The screen also does not hold up well outdoors, though: in bright daylight and sunlight, the screen is faint and difficult to read, so it's not a good choice to read a book from the basin of a tropical vacation. But the screen looks great and the lighting in the room more moderate.

iPod 5G The New Fifth Generation of iPod

The fifth generation IPod or ipod 5G was introduced on October 12, 2005, shortly after the introduction of the IPod Nano. This is the first IPod, they can play video. IPod  is the first video will be available in an alternative color scheme in the form of non-special edition, like a black option was added in the "Signature IPod White", and marks the second full redesign of rearranged IPod aesthetic proportions, returning to fully flat front plate, and a rounded rear fender. A 30 GB model is available for U.S. $ 299 and 60 GB models are available for $ 399. In IPod video is also available in a special edition U2 U.S. $ 349 for 30 GB. In IPod Video is the newest model has a plastic face.

In IPod Video game in MP4 (up to 2.5 Mbit / s) (up to 1.5 Mbit / sec, a basic profile only) formats H.264. Videos as TV shows, podcasts, music videos and movies can be purchased from online stores like iTunes Store, or downloaded from Google Video and other sources, then imported into the IPod through iTunes software.

Good: Very thin and intuitive design, beautiful LCD, supports playback of photos and video integration with ITunes, which offers the largest music catalog in the world and stores new video, smooth video, many additional features such as world clock, stopwatch application and PIM, a galaxy of accessories designed for the IPod; greater total value.

The bad: No extra added, dock, A / V cable and AC adapter, the battery is poor for video; slight delay when playing video, no guarantee that the video did not upload music store will play the IPods, even after being converted using third party software.

Finally: IPod 5G Get affordable, sleek and sexy Apple audio virtues. Although video looks great, poor battery life and video relatively small screen hamper appeal of video heads.
View: Note the new IPod Apple, if you have one in your hand. Some of you will notice subtle differences, such as the lack of smart headphone jack, a smaller Click Wheel, IPods and super flat face. IPod Experienced users may complain that it is important because power adapter and A / V cable is not bundled with the device. 

Take a look at a new IPod Apple, if you have one in your hand. Most of you will see a design that is thinner, lighter and sexier than its predecessor and a new screen that dwarfs Click Wheel. Some of you will notice subtle differences, such as the lack of smart headphone jack, a smaller Click Wheel, IPods and super flat face. IPod Experienced users may complain that it is important because power adapter and A / V cable is not bundled with the device. But despite the fact that this is an audio player first and foremost - and that the terms are often used - all of you will remember as the fifth generation IPod video.

Those who follow gadgets know that Apple does not create a portable digital video, companies such as Archons, Creative, and IRIVER produced good products, if not the stars that play back video - and larger screens with better battery life . But if Apple can do for video what it has done for audio - that is, to provide ecosystem of hardware / software that offers a decent selection of content and makes it easy to get video IPod - then this device, it or not, will be remembered as one who started the portable digital video revolution.

In IPod 5G, which is available in white or Nano black and comes in 30GB and 60GB capacities for $ 299 and $ 399, respectively, are the best we have used so far. But since added significant additional features - video playback - for a solid foundation, audio centric, there is room for improvement.

In an era of technological advances that seemingly unstoppable, the IPod Apple is due to update both physically and feature wise. And IPod 5G is much more than just an update. Like the Nano before it can see and IPod touch in person to appreciate it. 30GB body, which measures 4.1 by 2.4 by 0.4 inches and weighs only 4.8 ounces, is baby-soft touch, and while design elements such as the rear wheels and polished silver Click to know, that IPod has added sexiness, thanks to larger screen that dominates the upper half

Apple or drastically shrink the width of the body version of the IPod 30GB is 31% thinner than IPod 20GB. 60GB version measures only 0.55 inches, which is also thinner than the 20GB IPOD. Personally, we think the older models, with soft edges and added thickness is a boy who is friendly hand. Click on the wheel, which uses in-house technology (Apple abandoned Synaptic technology starting with the Nano), is actually smaller - about one-quarter inch in diameter - from IPod 4G, which means that you will not get as much action with scroll each stroke of the thumb. Select button, which is slightly raised before, is now flat. Headphone jack has been moved to the far right and the smart jack, which is used by a number of accessories such as remote control of Apple, has disappeared. Hold switch is moved from right to left, and dock connector remains bottom center. Overall, the physical design is simpler and more refined though slightly less ergonomic. Generally, you will surely be boring to keep IPod in the 28th minutes watching video.

5G IPod comes in black or white and the back which slopes gently polished in front of the player, so I slipped into his pocket. The most noticeable feature, of course, 2.5-inch, 260,000 colors displays with 320x240 pixels resolution crisp. Extra half inch diagonal not only wonders for photos (now you get a network of six five thumbnails), album art, and the interface as a whole, but also made the video to see an attempt, if not make sense, please

Videos or photo slideshows can be played from the fifth generation IPod 5G TV, projector or monitor using Apple IPod AV cable or dock with S-Video cable. In IPod video was updated on September 12, 2006. This update includes a brighter screen, longer video playback, new headphones designed and search functions. The 60 GB model was replaced with an 80 GB model and reduces the price of U.S. $ 50 for both GB 30 (U.S. $ 249) and 80 GB (U.S. $ 349) models.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

iPad 3G not Bad but Good

IPAD 3G launched and customer mailbox on Friday afternoon, but how the model is slightly different than the original? Is the ability to use 3G worth the extra $ 130 model? After spending the weekend with the use of 3G IPAD and compare them head to head with Wi-Fi models only, we hope we can help potential buyers to understand what may be the best model for them IPAD.

For comparison, my own, I use a 32 GB Wi-Fi only units purchased since launch day and 64 GB Wi-Fi 3 G model, which arrived on Friday. Both units are connected to 802.11n at the same home network and 3G test performed in your home area that provides the best AT & T 3G signal.

Moving from the basics like the look and feel and picture data plan, let's look at some of the best aspects of 3G-specific model.

In addition to a 3G modem, 3G IPAD also has an integrated GPS. This means that the application of mapping and location-specific information, 3G IPAD will be more accurate than the IPAD Wi-Fi only using Wi-Fi to get location coordinates. Now, in place of Wi-Fi solutions are not bad - and for most applications, it is more than enough.

However, if you want to make any turn-by-turn to work or want to use a compass or mapping application that really should have full support GPS, 3G IPAD will be great for this. If you think there IPAD installed in your car is a great idea before, think of it with full support for GPS 9.7-inch touch screen!

Once 3G modem also goes a long way to making the IPAD truly mobile device. In the past month that have been widely used IPAD within my home, Starbucks or anywhere else I know will have Wi-Fi. This means that the use of exit out of the pool (unless you want to spend some time hacking Wi-Fi from one of the neighbors) and limited use in the car.

Just know that I can have a data connection, which alone makes IPAD 3G is more directly useful as a go-connected devices. Before, I always feel like you decide to just go with your iPhone or packaging also my laptop.

If you already have a MiFi box or accessories and you want something more portable than a laptop to take with you, IPAD 3G is good, not only because you are sure that if Wi-Fi is ugly or not, you can still more likely to access the data.

When is Apple products, most consumers should want to have every option available to them. Ultimately, this is possible when the future repetition of the iPhone OS or a new version of the application arrives owner IPAD models are able to earn huge profits. But this is not possible. Today, Apple seems to intend to support both versions of the same IPAD. Plus, WiFi works great on IPAD version is cheaper. And for most users live with WiFi connectivity not only proved to be a problem. The ability to connect to 3G may appeal to some people, but ultimately, these people are probably just as quick to realize that WiFi model works.

The weakness of the U.S. IPAD 3G is that 3G services AT & T, of course. I hope that 3G connection speeds of 3G IPAD would somehow be better - even if only slightly - compared with the iPhone 3G. This is not true.

This is not to say that through the use of IPAD 3G unbearable. It is not, it will only be significantly slower than the home network broadband speed available via 802.11n. I did some head to head test between IPAD and IPAD 3G Wi-Fi, contains the same website from the cache clean and in any case, a model with Wi-Fi only IPAD 3G defeated by a substantial margin.

Note, I also tested AT & T 3G network regions that perform significantly better than many other major cities: Atlanta. Offices AT & T Mobility companies are literally around the corner where I live and 3G tower is close and unobstructed.

In some cases the difference is less profound. For example, when playing video on, I was not able to detect the difference in how quickly started playing video, or quality. Now, I'm not sure what to do with the fact that web video can be optimized for quick launch of mobile, but it looks like performance difference will be deeper if a site is optimized for 3G connectivity.

As someone who has used AT & T 3G network, so you know, access to Internet service can not be compared at each level with a solid WiFi connection. In my experience with AT & T 3G, I have found that linking the web can be quite slow. And compared to WiFi, this is not a race. In fact, 3G will provide users with Internet access in places where WiFi is not available, but its usefulness can be questioned. For the most part, 3G will be used as a last resort, not the desired connection.

Not surprisingly, Apple has so much success with IPAD special iPad 3g. But remember this is just the beginning - we will soon see Android-based tablet (such as Dell Streak), and later this year, Google Chrome OS. So let's look at the IPAD 3G in depth.

Best Applications Free for iPad

Best Applications Free for iPad

In July 2011, there were more than 425,000 IOS applications in iTunes App Store, 100, 000 of them local application IPAD. This is an incredible amount of software fighting for a home or IPAD IPAD 2, and no doubt some of them are big and some are junk. So the important question is how one can find gems among the trash? The most basic answer is to read user reviews and evaluations of the App Store, but that the potential for much of the time sucks. In addition, the wisdom of crowds is not always all that wise. choosing the best IPAD applications.

This is not only the hardware
Given its impact on the notebook space, it's amazing to think that IPAD platforms have been around for two full years. However, the relatively short existence, IPAD is not only revolutionized the market for thin tablet form factor and ease of use, but for different applications available for it.

In the iTunes App Store is where users can expand the capabilities of their iPads "with new software, ranging from social network-oriented business environment. Unfortunately, clean volume makes it very difficult to find a decent download. Of course , cherry choose applications that appear on the App Store Top Charts is a solid starting point, but there are plenty of quality applications that do not live on this page. We dug far below that choose us.

This is the best application ever found. They are all IPAD-optimized, not iPhone apps stretched to fit the IPAD. They get the job done, they are fun to use, and some of them are free.

1Password for IPAD

1Password encryption, store and manage passwords and other personal information, and to automatically log on to websites and other Internet services. You can use it to store credit card numbers, bank account numbers, ATM PIN, etc.. 1Password is a very useful application for Mac and iPhone, and now available for IPAD, as well.

Instapaper Pro

Instapaper is simple and highly addictive. If you surf the Web and find an article fats that do not have time to read immediately, simply click on the bookmarklet to your browser, and articles that directly enrolled members of the queue Instapaper. Com. Then, when you have time to read, you can call the members of his tail and dig in.


Apple iBooks application is one of the centerpieces of the IPAD debut - it's a wonderful program that has its own online bookstore. However, I prefer the Amazon Kindle e-book application.
It allows you to buy and download books from Amazon Kindle store and read them on any device: PC, Mac, IPAD, iPhone, BlackBerry or Kindle reader. As you read, the service saves space, so if you read a few pages of the Kindle, but then switched to the IPAD and then your iPhone, you can instantly get where you stop every time.


If you're a fan Netflix, this is a must - an application that lets you watch streaming movies and TV shows from your Netflix queue on your IPAD.
The user interface looks like this is just a web browser pointing to the website of Netflix. If you stop watching a movie half way through, the application is designed to remember where you have to start again after you close the application and return later, no matter which service you use to watch movies. This is a nice feature, but I found that works unevenly - sometimes remember the application site, sometimes not.


Apple Pages is a small application that impressive. This condensed down fully functional text editor, which costs only $ 9.99. It has all the basic skills that you would expect from a text editor: You can write and edit text format, embedded images and graphics, and more. Layout, you can navigate with your fingers or resize them by pinching with two fingers.
Pages can import documents in two formats: Pages '09 for Mac and Microsoft Word (Office 97 and later). It can export pages, '09, Word 97 or later and PDF

TweetDeck for IPAD

Existing Twitter clients available for IPAD. I tried several, and TweetDeck is my favorite.
This is a free version of the desktop client from the most popular Twitter power user. It has the familiar multicolumn view, which you can customize to display messages from all your friends, @ mentions, direct messages, saved searches and your Twitter list. TweetDeck also shortens the URL.

Things IPAD

This is a control panel for my life. I depend on the version of Mac and iPhone, and I am pleased to see a developer cultivated Code was quickly out of the gate with IPAD version $ 19.99. This version is all the basic tasks that Mac and iPhone versions do: It makes a list of tasks with start and due date, and arrange them in a list of projects, areas of responsibility, next actions and more.
IPAD version is an attractive interface that looks like a tablet of white ruled paper. When you change projects or areas, sheets of paper seems to curl up, page turning.

Weather Channel Max for IPAD

The iPhone is equipped with a weather widget between the pre-installed applications, but they have disappeared from IPAD. This means that you should check the weather forecast or online or download an application. My favorite application so far: The Weather Channel offered free of charge.
This application is a candy store weather geeks. You can use it not only to check the local forecast, but also to know the day at sunrise and sunset, without having to dig too deep.

Best Applications Free for iPad

What is iTunes ? Simply and Powerfully


In iTunes Media Player is a computer program used for playing, downloading and organizing digital music and video files from one PC. It can also manage content on your Ipod, iPhone, Ipod Touch and IPAD. ITunes is the media management software created by Apple, Inc, for Macintosh and Windows operating systems. You can use it to manage and play audio and video files on your computer.

Upload to contact iTunes Store for purchase and download music, music videos, TV shows, Ipod games, audio books, podcasts, movies and movie rentals (not available in all countries) and ringtones (for iPhone IPod Touch and 4th generation). It is also used to download software applications from the App Store for iPhone Touch, IPAD and IPod. ITunes has been criticized for not being able to transfer music from a portable device to another.

ITunes is an application that allows users to buy and manage audio and video on PC acting as a front end to Apple QuickTime Media Player. Officially, using iTunes is required to manage audio from Apple Ipod portable audio player, although alternative software that does not exist. Users can organize their music into playlists in one or more libraries, edit file information (also the best tag editor), Compact Records Disc, copy files to a digital audio player, purchase music and video files via the built-in music store (iTunes Store), download free podcasts, back track on a CD or DVD, run the display to display graphical effects in time to music, and music encoding in several audio formats. There are also many options for free internet radio stations for listening. In addition, users can add PDF files to their library (to add a digital note pad their albums, for example), but PDF cannot be transferred or read the IPOD, but can be read on the iPhone, Ipod Touch and IPAD. However, iPhone / IPod Touch applications exist to synchronize all types of files to and from the device to "iDisk" using Apple's Mobile Me service.


In iTunes 8.0 Preferences window is a complete metamorphosis. The results add a few new features, but instead removed some options. For example, iTunes once gave users the option to display the arrow next to the selected song title, artist, album and genre that link directly to the iTunes Store. Now these arrows are not removable except by directly editing the preferences file

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

iPod Touch "World in your Touch"

In IPod Touch (stylish and sold as small IPod Touch, also known colloquially the PA by analogy to the iPhone) is a portable media player, digital personal assistants, portable game consoles and Wi-Fi mobile device designed and marketed Apple IPod Touch from AD adds multi-touch graphical user interface for IPod line. This is the first IPod with wireless access to iTunes Store, and also have access to the repository of Apple App, allows content to be purchased and downloaded directly on the device. In March 2011, Apple has sold more than 60 million units IPod Touch

iPod Touch
iPod Touch
In the last event of Apple, Steve Jobs called the IPod Touch "IPod of the most popular" company and easy to understand why. Only a few short years, iPhone-to-phone, but were held in accordance with this halo of Cupertino, have benefited from the same type of hardware and software are constantly updated, which has helped make the iPhone the gadget icon. Touching is adjacent to the rapidly growing popularity of iPhone, becoming a movement to two pockets of millions of record. There is good reason, too. Apples boasts a game device - hard beats from Nintendo, and Sony's proposed sale ... are combined. While we can not recognize that particular devices, game console, the most obvious game. And this is another Ipod, Internet device and a thousand other things to keep thanks to Apple App is very densely populated. Now players have once again reap the rewards update iPhone, boasts new display Retina, A4 processor, two cameras that allow FaceTime calls and record 720p video, and new features all the latest mobile operating system company IOS 4.1. But despite all the pluses, we still must ask: is it a small box still worth the high price tag? We take a deep dive on the latest model and have a solution, so read on to find out.

In IPod Touch and iPhone shares essentially the same hardware and operating system running the same IOS. In IPod Touch have some features of the iPhone and related applications such as cellular network access, GPS navigation and built-in compass. Older models also have speakers and camera. Although SMS and Phone application that is included in the IPod Touch software, they are disabled and therefore not visible. Also, sleep / wake on both sides until the release of fourth-generation IPod Touch. Since it needs a GPS and cellular components, IPod Touch is thinner and lighter than the iPhone. Steve Jobs once called IPod Touch as "training wheels for iPhone". Another major difference is the quality behind the camera than the iPhone. While IPod Touch, such as iPhone, allows you to record HD video, iPhone camera is still delivering high-quality images that exist IPOD.

If you have the latest version of the IPod touch, the latest version of the project should not come as a surprise. Instead of imitating the new iPhone looks sandwich glass touch hews close to its roots with a super thin profile consists of a glass screen parts and all metal part back. The device still bears the stain invite chrome rear panel, and continue to shrink the thickness of the trend as far as possible. We believe that the iPhone 4 crazy thin, but the new touch looks like a toothpick compared. In the hands of large, we could even say it is too small - but it must be right for the legions of teens and young adults who will judge the holidays to come.

Like previous versions, the devices come in the form of a key house key on / sleep (eventually moved to match the iPhone placed in the upper right corner of the device, unlike the other side of the previous version), and two buttons volume on the left. Around now there is a small camera lens at the top of the device while the shooter, one VGA peers from behind the glass in front of the player. A quick note: We have little trouble finding a consistent sleep button when using the device - this is a bit buried in the housing. Overall we think that breaks even in the appearance department. Thin is certainly welcome, but not changing the game. While we like the overall design of the IPod touch, not available in the new version makes much more lust-worthy than the previous generation.

If you're already wearing a smartphone with the above features, IPod Touch can not make sense, but for legions of buyers out there who do not jump (or stick with old phones), this device is difficult to dismiss. Do not get us wrong, the touch is not without fault - the lack of GPS, a camera is still relatively low quality comes to mind - but nothing major here that give us pause (and frankly, there's nothing else like it on the market) . With the addition of HD video shooting, the new display Retina, A4 and faster processors, touch has just gone from "nice to have" almost unbearable.

iPod Touch
iPod Touch Movie
Only official way to third-party applications for the IPod Touch is stored on Apple App, which is a branch of the iTunes Store. App Store application, available in all versions of IOS 2.0, which allows users to browse and download applications from an online store (hosted by Apple) with the iTunes Store. To develop such software, Software Development Kit (SDK) was officially announced on March 6, 2008, at the Apple Town Hall meeting. In the iPhone SDK allows developers to create applications for iPhone and IPod Touch, after paying a fee to join the team development. Developers can then set the price for the applications developed and will receive 70% of money earned. Apples keep 30% of the purchase price with no minimum fixed fee.

Steve Jobs Hardworking, Brilliant, Creator, and Specials

Steve Jobs

Steven Paul "Steve" jobs (February 24, 1955 - October 5, 2011) was an American businessman and visionary widely recognized (along with Apple's business partner Steve Wozniak) as the charismatic pioneer of the personal computer revolution. He is co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. Jobs is the co-founder and previously served as CEO of Pixar Animation Studios, he joined the board of directors of The Walt Disney Company in 2006 after the acquisition by Disney Pixar.

Steve Jobs

Many of the comments made about the personality of aggressive and demanding work. Lucky wrote that "considered one of Silicon Valley's leading egomaniacs." Comments temperamental style can be found in the kingdom of Little Mike Moritz, one of the few authorized biographies of Jobs; Second Coming of Steve Jobs work Alan Deutschman, and Icon: Steve Jobs works of Jeffrey S. Young and William L. Simon. In 1993, jobs in the list of most self-assured executives in the U.S. magazine Fortune for his leadership next. Founder companion Dan'l Lewin, quoted by the magazine Fortune, "The motivation is not to be trusted ... Amon discipline can not imagine," said office work that his personality has changed since then

Steve Jobs

There is a small story about Steve Jobs, who is his personal car number plates.

"The founder of Apple and Pixar Steve Jobs did not just change how to create and market computers, but also makes the popular iPhone and IPAD buyers are willing to make long queues of work Apple store died on 5 October last year aged. 56 after fight disease. After his death, rumors on the Internet for Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG, which has never had a license plate number.
Some say Jobs does not care to pay the fine, although of course he could. While others say that Jobs has won a special license to drive a vehicle without license plates. John Callas, who has worked as a guard of Apple denies all the rumors and to express them in iTWire.
Although he was a clever inventor in life, he lived in habits such as wearing a black turtleneck, "who always faithfully accompanied their appearance, using a pair of jeans, sneakers, too. The same applies for mounting. It is was always seen management Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG silver without the use of plates.
Kallas said that Steve Jobs has found that there were loopholes California, which requires installation of the number of cars after using it for 6 months. From there, Steve Jobs made a deal with the leasing company, where he will replace the Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG silver owned by exactly the same vehicle. "

Steve Jobs

Steve jobs work is listed as the principal inventor or co inventor of more than 230 patents or patents relating to the present set of technologies ranging from computers and portable user interfaces (including touch-based), speakers, keyboard, power adapter, stairs , buckles, clothing, hand ropes and clothes package

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What is iPad? Function iPad?

Steve Jobs Apple iPad

What is iPad? iPad is a line of tablet PCs are designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc, primarily as a platform for audio-visual media, including books, magazines, movies, music, games and Web content. iPad was introduced on 27 Jan 2010 then-Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Its size and weight is between modern Smartphone’s and laptops. iPad is running the same operating system with IPod Touch and iPhone, and can run their own applications and iPhone applications. Without change, the iPad will only work programs approved by Apple and distributed through Apple App Store.

iPad Apple

What is function of iPad? Here are the top 10 uses for iPad, you will find that really makes your life full of color!

1. Surf the Internet

iPad Safari Browsher Internet

iPad is the best way to experience the Internet. Find all pages in landscape or portrait of a large Multi-Touch screen. And let your fingers do surfing. You can synchronize your bookmarks from your Mac or PC, and add even more true of iPad. Moreover, Mobile Me makes Safari bookmarks in sync, your iPad iPhone, Mac and PC - wirelessly and automatically.

2. E-mail

iPad E-mail

It's perfect for checking email and sending a short e-mail, especially when you move. With split-screen and wide screen, keyboard, allowing you to see and touch your email in ways that could never before.

3. Cookbook

iPad Read ebook
iPad is the largest cookbook in the world. It's good to have in the kitchen with you when you need to follow the recipe as many take less space than a laptop, especially since it sits perfectly in a cookbook stand. There are many recipe sites are great, plus there are free applications that relate to recipes and cooking.

4. Photo storage and share

iPad is great for storing and viewing photos as well as on the big screen and how you can easily flip from one image to the next, and jump between folders with ease.

5. E-Reader

iPad E-Reader

With the new iPad. You can see his book in portrait or landscape, and how to turn the page is great - to turn it with your fingers and look like a real book.

6. Music

Screen, big and beautiful iPad lets you browse your music collection by song, artist, album, genre, composer or the touch of a finger. See music as a full-size album art. iPad makes music look as good as it sounds.

7. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), i.e. Skype

IPAD is a built-in speaker and microphone, making it ideal for making phone calls over the Internet, provided that they are not interested in a video feature.

8. Game

iPad Game Racing

There are many applications for the iPad is a free game. If you are willing to pay to play, then there are many to choose from, as a rule, I suggest you choose a game that was developed for iPad, iPad iPhone and is not good because it will not close properly.

9. Film

iPad Movie

Great for use on an airplane or even in the gym, the iPad has a large screen and is great for watching movies, especially compared with the cell phone or IPod.

10. Weather and News

Besides e-mail and internet, this is probably what most iPad, used in our home. There are many great applications for quick news and weather at your fingertips, many of which you can customize with their own interests.

Apple iPad was first released in April 2010 and sold 3 million units in 80 days. During 2010, Apple sold 14.8 million iPads worldwide, representing 75 percent of sales of the tablets at the end of 2010. With the release of iPad2  on Mar, 2011, more than 15 million iPads sold - sold more than any other combined pill release. In PC iPad from 2011, is expected to take share 83 percent of the market in the U.S. computer tablet.