Monday, November 14, 2011

Story About Siri iPhone 4s -2-

Siri. It's not just about the ability to use your voice to text, send e-mail or even to play music, or even to read your messages to you, because we already have the ability in their Smartphone’s for a long time, but where Siri shows its potential is great to find answers to the questions that you provide to the normal language naturally. Apple presents examples for things like: "Do I need a sweater today in San Francisco?" And display the weather forecast for you. You can then continue the conversation, by the city, and you realize he is still talking about the weather and a new estimate in another place.

Story About Siri  iPhone 4s

Are you the weather, to admit that you are looking for food in a certain district of the city or have an alarm with a few words, Siri really shows what Apple does best: bringing advanced technology into the mainstream in a way that not painful and beautiful. Interaction with the computer through a natural space is not a new idea, as anyone who has seen Star Trek, believes there is value in this, but if it really works, it is an amazing thing.

So now Siri are baked into every iPhone 4S and not available anywhere else. Siri has come a long way since they first introduced as an iPhone app that a little less accurate and complete. Now even better integrated into the IOS 5, and my immediate impression is that it is more precise than ever before. Even in a noisy environment in the car 60 miles per hour, it can still understand, most of what you say when you put the iPhone to your ear. Speech recognition is not perfect, and some ridiculous mistakes, but in a quiet environment the accuracy of almost the same as the desktop version of NaturallySpeaking is based on powerful processors.


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