Sunday, November 13, 2011

iPod Nano Compare with iPod Shuffle

ipod nano
ipod nano

If you're trying to buy a cheap Ipod, IPod Nano and IPod Shuffle are 2 of the foremost affordable models available. IPod Shuffle just $ forty nine, while the IPAD Nano is $ 149 at the time of this text. both sync with iTunes, that allows you to take your music with you both ultraportable, sufficiently small to clip onto your clothes. but what an additional $ one hundred to induce to the IPod Nano? And it's worth? This review can target the main blessings of the sixth generation IPod Nano compared to the fourth generation Ipod Shuffle.

  • Multi-Touch display
This is the most important distinction you see between the IPod Nano and IPOD Shuffle. In IPod Shuffle has no screen, so there is no real easy way to choose songs. not like IPod Shuffle automatically sync songs from iTunes on random. A voice prompt tells you what plays in headphones, and you'll skip tracks or back. IPod Nano, on the opposite hand, gives you more management over what plays and when.

  • Four times the capability
IPod Shuffle very cheap finish is 2 GB, that holds 300-400 songs. very cheap finish of the IPod Nano encompasses a capability of eight GB, that has about 1,200 to 1,600 songs.

  • Screenings
The Ipod Shuffle plays music, audiobooks and podcasts. In IPod Nano supports music, audiobooks, podcasts and photos. It also encompasses a built-in IPod FM, radio pedometer and support Nike +.

  • Color
This is one space where the IPod Nano and Shuffle IPod is nearly an equivalent. both come in white, gray, blue, green, orange and pink. In IPod Nano also comes in (PRODUCT) Red, which implies that part of your purchase goes to learn African AIDS relief.

  • Battery Life
In IPod Nano encompasses a rated battery of 24 hours for audio playback while Ipod Shuffle encompasses a battery for fifteen hours. Of course, your mileage can vary counting on both, counting on their use.

ipod shuffle
ipod shuffle

  • Conclusion
What do you need on your IPod? do you just need a straightforward way to hear music from your personal collection? or you need to expertise a more comprehensive multimedia playback? For the casual listener, the Ipod Shuffle enough and save $ one hundred. but it in all probability can build more journeys to your laptop for synchronization, attributable to the tiny capability. In IPod Nano may be a pleasant touch for jogging, because it includes Nike + IPod and dimensions, that allows you to monitor your progress workout. you must know that the device does not support video playback device and might not run IOS or access Apple App Store. If you would like games, applications, and web access from your Ipod, go along with the IPod touch or iPhone.


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