Friday, November 18, 2011

iPhone 4S Lost 4G Opportunity

iPhone 4S
iPhone 4S
Provided Apple’s delay in jumping on 3G a couple of years ago, I wasn’t surprised once the company announced that the iPhone 4S wouldn't support 4G LTE/WiMax networks. Ramon Llamas of IDC says he understands why Apple sacrificed LTE/WiMax support with this release: LTE isn’t a globe standard yet, and Apple might have had to make different Ough. S. -only models to assistance the technology. Right now the company’s focus appears to be on iOS 5 and moving out iCloud. Perhaps when the iPhone 5 (which is purely mythological at this time) surfaces, Apple will accept LTE or WiMax.

Although I'm disappointed that we won’t reach see an LTE or WiMax apple iphone, I have a feeling that it won’t really make a difference to customers. The original iPhone still sold in great amounts without 3G.

What consumers do want is reliable coverage with no dropped calls. According to Apple company, the iPhone 4S can smartly switch between two antennas for better still call quality, as well because faster download speeds. This claim needs testing in real life, however.

At its event Wednesday, Apple showed a chart evaluating the iPhone’s download speeds towards other HSPA+ phones on AT&T which carry the 4G label. I respect Apple for not really calling the iPhone 4S a 4G phone simply because it can match the speeds of these competing handsets. HSPA or HSPA+ still is really a 3G network--even if a telephone can produce “4G-like” speeds.

What's unfortunate, however, is that Ough. S customers on the Run and Verizon networks likely won't experience the faster speeds, since they’ll be limited by CDMA’s 3G EvDO.

I’m very happy to see the iPhone finally allow it to be to Sprint. Lacking the apple iphone, the carrier has held its with a strong line associated with Android phones, but I know that a number of Sprint customers will be pleased to hear this news. Additionally, all versions from the iPhone 4S are GSM/CDMA globe phones, which is a large win. However, having used a good iPhone overseas, I cringe at the idea of what the carriers will cost while users travel.

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