Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Story About Siri iPhone 4s -4-

That the tendency of non-work must be strange why Apple still as Siri insures that users are continually being improved by the software to learn how to speak as you go and be a more accurate identification of learning to do "beta" their way of speaking. But loading the beta software to new hardware in the iPhone is a piece of thin string to differentiate this new product. Only companies with the chutzpah of Apple will have the courage to try something. But co-Siri not nearly good enough for Apple to pull it out, supported by the iPhone 4S faster processor and better camera (between what offers from Apple, among other improvements 197), which all contribute to the lure of the iPhone will be updated to strengthen.

Story About Siri  iPhone 4s

Over the last 48 hours I've used Siri, it is difficult to know whether it actually improves speech recognition, but as it stands, it is to be just good enough to use comfortably. I especially like the way you almost can have conversations with him. For example, one can ask: "How's the weather in New York today?" It is by going to answer in your iPhone weather app with the New York data is displayed. Then, if you ask: "Where there is a good Italian restaurant?" Siri of finding 24 Italian restaurants in New York, sorted by Rating respond. He knows you're still talking about New York.

As you can read our articles about Siri, it is not by itself result in a small setting that I found refreshing. Other times, he has a funny misunderstanding, as if I was asked yesterday to "Call me an ambulance", and replied: "From now on I'm going to ambulance" call. Okay, "Me? Siri was disappointed, the voice that still sounds too robotic for my taste, hear. I think that somehow, now that Apple has an application, it is Gussy it sounds more like a GPS unit to do or like HAL 9000 tunable still outraged by 2001:.. A Space Odyssey, but I suspect that's still off in the future Conversely, there are some peculiarities in the pronunciation rigid, such as how Siri said the word "restaurant”, speaks with an accent, it sounds just like my mother from South America. "Resta-dwarf" Grandma, is that you?


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