Monday, November 14, 2011

Story About Siri iPhone 4s -1-

Apple brings speech recognition to the masses equipped with the new iPhone 4S, with intelligent assistant named Siri. This is a key differentiator for the new iPhone, and him from his predecessors. I've been using speech recognition software for 8 years, so I was eager to make an extended version of Siri for a spin. Here is my review.

Story About Siri iPhone

There are times where sound Siri personal assistants that really blow me and feel like the beginning of a new era in how we managed with all our computer equipment. Simplicity, beauty and polish it means that there are probably more with the users as Google Voice Actions, or resonate even something like Vlingo, which has done a great job even in a similar voice-task. Unfortunately, I think that Siri is more sizzle than steak at this time and only a small part of a huge potential.

Siri is not new. It began as an experiment funded by DARPA, said to be currently the largest artificial intelligence project. In addition, Siri, with Nuance speech recognition technology built in. The same is also the power of the applications I've used for years, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the first time as a free app on the iPhone in February 2010. Then Apple bought Siri in April 2010 and decided to integrate in the new iPhone 4S, breaking the old Siri application on the iPhone (unless you want to do a crude hack).

Basically Siri try your personal assistant on your phone that you interact with the use of natural language. Instead of screaming given desire, you can simply hold the Home button until the icon appears and says something like, it's smart enough to comb your contacts and "Tell Jamie I think we should grab a drink later." can write your words in order to write a text message. You can also say that it is a reminder for a drink, you put it or put it in your calendar - if it conflicts with another appointment, Siri will tell you about the conflict.


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