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iPod Touch "World in your Touch"

In IPod Touch (stylish and sold as small IPod Touch, also known colloquially the PA by analogy to the iPhone) is a portable media player, digital personal assistants, portable game consoles and Wi-Fi mobile device designed and marketed Apple IPod Touch from AD adds multi-touch graphical user interface for IPod line. This is the first IPod with wireless access to iTunes Store, and also have access to the repository of Apple App, allows content to be purchased and downloaded directly on the device. In March 2011, Apple has sold more than 60 million units IPod Touch

iPod Touch
iPod Touch
In the last event of Apple, Steve Jobs called the IPod Touch "IPod of the most popular" company and easy to understand why. Only a few short years, iPhone-to-phone, but were held in accordance with this halo of Cupertino, have benefited from the same type of hardware and software are constantly updated, which has helped make the iPhone the gadget icon. Touching is adjacent to the rapidly growing popularity of iPhone, becoming a movement to two pockets of millions of record. There is good reason, too. Apples boasts a game device - hard beats from Nintendo, and Sony's proposed sale ... are combined. While we can not recognize that particular devices, game console, the most obvious game. And this is another Ipod, Internet device and a thousand other things to keep thanks to Apple App is very densely populated. Now players have once again reap the rewards update iPhone, boasts new display Retina, A4 processor, two cameras that allow FaceTime calls and record 720p video, and new features all the latest mobile operating system company IOS 4.1. But despite all the pluses, we still must ask: is it a small box still worth the high price tag? We take a deep dive on the latest model and have a solution, so read on to find out.

In IPod Touch and iPhone shares essentially the same hardware and operating system running the same IOS. In IPod Touch have some features of the iPhone and related applications such as cellular network access, GPS navigation and built-in compass. Older models also have speakers and camera. Although SMS and Phone application that is included in the IPod Touch software, they are disabled and therefore not visible. Also, sleep / wake on both sides until the release of fourth-generation IPod Touch. Since it needs a GPS and cellular components, IPod Touch is thinner and lighter than the iPhone. Steve Jobs once called IPod Touch as "training wheels for iPhone". Another major difference is the quality behind the camera than the iPhone. While IPod Touch, such as iPhone, allows you to record HD video, iPhone camera is still delivering high-quality images that exist IPOD.

If you have the latest version of the IPod touch, the latest version of the project should not come as a surprise. Instead of imitating the new iPhone looks sandwich glass touch hews close to its roots with a super thin profile consists of a glass screen parts and all metal part back. The device still bears the stain invite chrome rear panel, and continue to shrink the thickness of the trend as far as possible. We believe that the iPhone 4 crazy thin, but the new touch looks like a toothpick compared. In the hands of large, we could even say it is too small - but it must be right for the legions of teens and young adults who will judge the holidays to come.

Like previous versions, the devices come in the form of a key house key on / sleep (eventually moved to match the iPhone placed in the upper right corner of the device, unlike the other side of the previous version), and two buttons volume on the left. Around now there is a small camera lens at the top of the device while the shooter, one VGA peers from behind the glass in front of the player. A quick note: We have little trouble finding a consistent sleep button when using the device - this is a bit buried in the housing. Overall we think that breaks even in the appearance department. Thin is certainly welcome, but not changing the game. While we like the overall design of the IPod touch, not available in the new version makes much more lust-worthy than the previous generation.

If you're already wearing a smartphone with the above features, IPod Touch can not make sense, but for legions of buyers out there who do not jump (or stick with old phones), this device is difficult to dismiss. Do not get us wrong, the touch is not without fault - the lack of GPS, a camera is still relatively low quality comes to mind - but nothing major here that give us pause (and frankly, there's nothing else like it on the market) . With the addition of HD video shooting, the new display Retina, A4 and faster processors, touch has just gone from "nice to have" almost unbearable.

iPod Touch
iPod Touch Movie
Only official way to third-party applications for the IPod Touch is stored on Apple App, which is a branch of the iTunes Store. App Store application, available in all versions of IOS 2.0, which allows users to browse and download applications from an online store (hosted by Apple) with the iTunes Store. To develop such software, Software Development Kit (SDK) was officially announced on March 6, 2008, at the Apple Town Hall meeting. In the iPhone SDK allows developers to create applications for iPhone and IPod Touch, after paying a fee to join the team development. Developers can then set the price for the applications developed and will receive 70% of money earned. Apples keep 30% of the purchase price with no minimum fixed fee.


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