Thursday, November 17, 2011

Story About Siri iPhone 4s -5-

Among the many skills that can naturally Siri you a phone call with confidence, where everything you need to do is to speak on behalf of someone in your Contacts application, and you quickly (something that could happen over the years with much lower cell phones). In addition, it also can help, please contact by e-mail and converts it into text, where it takes you through the question of who you're sending to, subject line, and so on. However, it is not very adept at breaking out of a separate paragraph of the text, even if I like me with NaturallySpeaking, determining things like although e-mail functionality can talk be useful in a brief e-mail do while driving "a new Paragraph.” (Not recommended), has yet to do some polishing before it is really useful for sending e-mails in just a speech.

Story About Siri  iPhone 4s

Some ability to explore the field of science fiction, such as pushing and holding the Home button, and then they say to set the timer for 15 minutes. Particularly like to tell me to set the alarm, asking for directions or ask to restart the playlist in iTunes. I was disappointed to see that it is not in a position to interact with Twitter, but I found a solution for it, so the problem is already solved. However, Apple should make this capability available at the beginning, and if the company follows its promise, we will soon see more interaction with the application of different IOS.

Siri feels on the iPhone 4S is still like a work in progress. I think it could be reused a few months of development before it was published, much to push it over the gimmick. But Apple has more than usual in this product cycle with the iPhone 4S; it could have been forced to make it to parole. Nevertheless, Siri, as it stands now, gives us a hint about what will come, and the future looks bright.

I'm still not sure why Siri is not in the other IOS 5 device yet, because I argue that the iPhone 4 cannot be purchased with the computing power to handle, but definitely not  iPad 2. I really hope to improve on Apple's Siri and bring more of its products because it could be the beginning of something very special.


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