Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Story About Siri iPhone 4s -3-

Integration in IOS 5 software from the iPhone 4S makes it convenient to use. Press and hold the Home button iPhone 4S, and comes to life, sounds a short beep to signal to start talking to you. You can use it in speakerphone mode, or when the iPhone 4S is on, you can increase the phone to his ear (a must when riding in a noisy vehicle) and the phone is the proximity sensor Siri, usually require that you begin to speak (to explain, it is not responding sometimes).

Story About Siri  iPhone 4s

"Only companies with the chutzpah of Apple will have the courage to try something. But Siri cooperate not nearly well enough for Apple to pull it out, supported by the iPhone 4S faster processor and better camera."

Speech recognition technology has flak for it is really useful and Siri is not even close to that at this time. Is this something that happened once in a blue moon, I'll live with it, but I've found that errors often, if you adapt your speech patterns in a very slow command-driven.

I understand that, the introduction of a loud noise and it's even harder when you strive for natural language recognition. If you combine speech recognition with natural language and belongs to the context and the geolocation, I'm not surprised that Siri is not completely fulfilled its promise. In fact, Apple has even said that in the beta - jams, usually Google - and it will only improve with time. I really hope so because this could be a starting point for new interaction metaphors with our devices that could be every bit as important as the multi-touch interface, which debuted with the iPhone, is his. The difference is that Apple's multi-touch on the first try with the iPhone, but not nailed down with Siri on the iPhone 4S.

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