Thursday, December 15, 2011

Office OneNote on iPad

Microsof company on Monday quietly released an iPad-specific model of Office OneNote, the note-taking program in Microsoft's Office suite. At CES a year ago, Microsoft's OneNote team admitted that few people were using OneNote although it had been part of Office for your better part of a decade. As a possible application class that lent itself effectively to mobile use (evinced by Evernote) its utility over a PC was less than obvious.
Office OneNote on iPad

Battery iPhone 4S problems are now overblown

Battery iPhone 4S problems

There isn't any denying that the iPhone 4S offers battery issues. Despite Apple claims towards the contrary, there is a significant quantity of users with problems, based on what I've seen in both my own experience and over the web. It is an issue which deserves Cupertino's full attention. Is it as bad as it seems? Has 'Batterygate' taken on the life of its own, far surpassing the real weight of the situation? There is tendency with this era of the 24-hour news period to overhype, and Apple's battery worries are no exception.