Monday, November 14, 2011

iPhone 4s Call Quality, Antenna and Battery

iPhone 4s Call Quality, Antenna and Battery
If there are areas where the iPhone 4S falls are very short, it's on the phone, where he earned his name. Call quality is not bad, but it was only just average. It is somewhat muted tone on both ends of the call, and only Apple's real edge is the active noise cancellation to reduce background noise. It is easy to understand, and the volume is high enough, it's just not clear, penetrating Galaxy S II, which now is our reference to what should be the quality of the talks. With the speaker is better, partly due to the placement of the speakers at the bottom, not the rear, giving the sound an unobstructed path.

What some people is to appreciate, perhaps, ironically, what they are most likely to notice. The 4S is a system, a dynamic new antenna between the two antennas, whichever has the best reception desks, even when you're in the middle of a call or data transmission. It is not usually have the quality of services in specific areas studied, we, the report, and New York City or San Francisco's AT & T users or suburb Sprint or Verizon, is still in danger of being a call. Apple has to tame steep drop-off signal, but by grabbing the phone to close the gap or to a unique external antenna, steel bands. We did not make it go more than 1-2 bar. We will see these ideally a year ago, but we are glad to know that we take a call from almost any position, without feeling fear.

Longevity fortunately not changed, if not better. Despite what many thought at first, dual-core processors can actually lead to longer battery life to more efficiently manage tasks, and completed only faster. Life iPhone 4S "official battery is the same as before with additional hours 3G voice. While on the test may be difficult, we can say that the iPhone is amazingly resilient. We work hard to name at least one full day, with dozens photos, videos, a few commonly used realistic data, games and conversations, but the device is about one-quarter of the remaining battery charge. The use of more, you can extend the use of the phone for two days if you are careful.

Performance is not unknown in the world of Android or Windows phone, but certainly rare, and explain exactly why Apple did not rush to adopt LTE. The running time is not the longest we have ever from a smartphone, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 has seen closer to the title, even though it uses a smaller screen and a thicker body. In order profiles, speed and smooth, it is still an acceptable compromise.


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