Tuesday, November 15, 2011

iPhone 4S Speed Boost

iphone 4S
The apple company claimed on Tuesday that data speeds for your iPhone 4S are double those for your iPhone 4: 5. 8 megabits every second for uploads and 18. 4 mbps for downloads. Ken Biba, CTO regarding Novarum, a company that models wireless networks, says that the speed boost is because of the A5 chipset supporting the particular faster HSPA 14. 4 network.

Again, Apple is playing some catch-up here; we saw the first dual-core phones entirely back in January. Still, having the A5 surpasses getting no processor upgrade in any way. It is also encouraging the A5 is the same chip within Apple's iPad 2; when we all reviewed the iPad 2, we noted the zippy scrolling inside the browser, as well as the speed once we used iTunes and quickly navigated by means of various menus and galleries.

If we have the iPhone 4S regarding review, we’ll subject it to your Sunspider JavaScript tests to determine browser performance. Our performance tests showed the A5 processor in the iPad 2 was doubly fast as the processor inside the iPhone 4. I’m not sure simply how much the chipset will benefit the particular iPhone 4S, but any speed enhancement can be a positive thing. And the iPhone 4 isn’t exactly a slouch in the first place.

The one concern that I have (not forgetting most consumers who have owned an iPhone inside their lifetime) is about the particular battery life. If you very own an iPhone, you are just about constantly using it--whether you’re discussing, taking pictures, changing the track in iTunes, or playing a casino game. The battery drains fast. And also unfortunately, battery life is becoming a straight bigger issue with with a number of the dual-core Android phones we’ve seen (especially those over a 4G network). Apple would address these concerns, however, stating the iPhone 4S will provide 8 hrs of 3G talk time and also 10 hours of video playback.

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