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Macbook pro 13 inch Hot Detail

13-inch Apple MacBook Pro has many new features to the table of the previous generation. Consumers are now much battery life is very impressive, better display, faster processor, FireWire, SD-card slots, and best of all low starting price. Get more or less seems to be a trend during this slow economy, so is there any reason not to buy a new 13 "MacBook Pro?

13-inch Apple MacBook Pro
  • Construction and Design
At 13.3 "MacBook Pro is very sleek and elegant, which is what we are accustomed to expect from chassis Apple Unibody design with sharp lines indicate panel or without a break, except at the bottom of a large group that covers the inside .. Apple gives We are a very simple interface with minimal clutter (and ports) to change what is usually futile tool in a work of art. In order to simplify their design turned into an internal battery for this model instead of a cover and release bar, as in the previous version.

Build quality is excellent thanks to the Unibody chassis is very strong and solid machine from a solid block of aluminum. Unless you will tighten the MacBook Pro in a vise and try to bend it, you can not really find a rope in the main body of the notebook. Closing the screen does not Flex just under strong pressure, but with something slim expected. Without plastic panel, with the exception of the screen hinge, no part of that squeak or creak under normal use. Beyond the rough model, which I can not think of a portable computer that has a stronger chassis Unibody MacBook.

Usually the upgrade as simple as changing faster hard disk or memory upgrade system (or battery replacement) to take some additional steps in the new 13.3" Macbook Pro To access user-serviceable components need to buy precision Phillips screwdriver head. and remove the 10 screws around the cover of the notebook with you to get access to batteries, hard drives, optical drives, and system memory are closely arranged .. Having overcome great fear of the bottom of the shiny new MacBook Pro, upgrade component that is not bad only problem that may occur would oppose proposals by Apple is advisable to not remove the main battery when replacing components .. usually want to turn off AC and battery of the laptop before you change RAM or hard drive to prevent damage.

  • Screen and Speakers
Screen MacBook Pro is average compared to other glossy panels, and tended to reduce the presence of highly reflective glass covering the display. This increases the number of reflections from other objects, including yourself sitting in front of the laptop. As they adjust to after a while it can still be annoying. Photos and movies look great, thanks to the glossy surface and a strong boom in 60% more color range than the previous generation MacBook, which provides vivid colors and deep blacks. Overall brightness is very good to view in brightly lit rooms as an office building or lecture hall. If you are unable to find the shade you can use it outdoors as long to find a strategic position away from the glare. Terms that average TN LCD panel, the color begins to show signs of recovery, where entitled 20-25 degrees forward or backward. Horizontal viewing angle is much better with colors staying accurate steep angles to the point where the screen reflection defeat.

The speakers sound weak compared to other laptops with a little bass or midrange sound. In the closed position of the speakers does not help with stereo separation, so that the end sounds like a mono speaker. To enjoy the iTunes music or watch a movie headphones are the best choice. MacBook Pro also supports digital audio output through the headphone jack to connect to stereo to surround sound is another option you can go to village

  • Keyboard and Touchpad
13 "MacBook Pro offers full Chiclet-style keyboard is fully backlit for typing in which the lamp may not be best. While Sony initially created style keyboard, I think Apple really improved and a better option. Comfortable keyboard type and easy to move to if you're used to typing on a standard notebook keyboard with buttons healthy distance between smooth key action with the average pressure is less than that required to activate the key noise .. low key, almost muted soft click when pressed If you like stealth type, look no further .. good lighting, even when you are not completely dark room. If you do not use the keyboard of Apple, it makes it easier to find the key, because everything is lit. Illumination is fully customizable to become lighter when the room is light and weak, when you need a key blinding light in the dark room.

A compromise Unibody MacBook Pro has a sharp edge around the perimeter. Palmrest most laptops are rounded or slightly inclined to the front of the palmrest, and the MacBook Pro is a completely flat surface with sharp edges. If you usually hang from the edge of your wrist, as I do one thing that you notice from time to time are edges dig into your wrist. If you have small hands, it can not be a problem, but for someone like me was painful quickly. This is just another example of the form has a higher priority than functionality.

The touchpad is large multitouch surface, no separate touchpad buttons. Clicking action is remote buttons below the touchpad that allows the entire surface of the "click". If you use the touchpad to another, it takes awhile to get used to clicking on the very surface, and on a button below it. In OS X touchpad sensitivity is excellent, does not offer a default delay sensitivity. In contrast to Windows, that support the driver does not give you experience the same liquid. Choppy movements and over-sensitive when the cursor will sometimes put in the middle of the drag objects or take a lot to try to double click. Another problem that ran in touchpad is sometimes found a slight increase in pressure on the finger by double-clicking, you open the application as it runs on top of the list in the Start menu. None of these problems can be found in OS X.

  • Ports and Features
The new 13 "MacBook Pro has two USB ports, one Mini DisplayPort, LAN, and the return of FireWire 800. ESATA While it is generally best when it comes to fast external memory, the more targeted at Mac FireWire storage devices offer a long-standing support of the standard Apple Macbook Pro also offers a headphone jack and SD card SD-new. she brought to the same level that most PC has been for several years.
The most remarkable thing in the MacBook Pro is a handy size battery mounted on the part of the notebook. Pressing a number of eight LED lights indicate when the level of battery charge. This is handy if you think about reaching the computer before you head out the door without an adapter ... only if the battery is completely dead.

  • Execution
System performance is very good, even with the NVIDIA 9400M integrated graphics. While most of the choice of Intel integrated graphics have been significantly reduced performance compared with the selection of specialized, NVIDIA has broken this trend with the 9400M. With 3DMark06 score an average of more than 2,100 3DMarks, is comparable to the lower class, who are dedicated and can handle games the previous generation with some tweaking of resolution and detail settings. In our tests the portal game, 13 "MacBook Pro delivered 38-42 frames per second (FPS) with a resolution of 1280x800 at high settings to see through a single portal Looking through the portal will be higher than 55FPS footage. And if you look through the two will be dropped to around 22-23FPS.

13-inch Apple MacBook Pro

Outside the gaming handle 720p and 1080p HD movie decoding with ease, perfect for home theater center with mini-DisplayPort to HDMI adapter. Although we saw no significant delays associated with 5400rpm hard drive in our review model, modernization 7200rpm drive will reduce the boot and load. Batteries should be minimal impact, but you can see a decline of 15-30 minutes. An interesting feature associated with the hard drive we saw with the new MacBook Pro is the device performance of SATA-150 mode. Some members of our forum there is also the problem that you begin to look to upgrade to a fast SSD is able to push more than 150MB / s. It is too early to say if this is hardware or software errors, but we are prone to software problems.


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