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Steve Jobs Hardworking, Brilliant, Creator, and Specials

Steve Jobs

Steven Paul "Steve" jobs (February 24, 1955 - October 5, 2011) was an American businessman and visionary widely recognized (along with Apple's business partner Steve Wozniak) as the charismatic pioneer of the personal computer revolution. He is co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. Jobs is the co-founder and previously served as CEO of Pixar Animation Studios, he joined the board of directors of The Walt Disney Company in 2006 after the acquisition by Disney Pixar.

Steve Jobs

Many of the comments made about the personality of aggressive and demanding work. Lucky wrote that "considered one of Silicon Valley's leading egomaniacs." Comments temperamental style can be found in the kingdom of Little Mike Moritz, one of the few authorized biographies of Jobs; Second Coming of Steve Jobs work Alan Deutschman, and Icon: Steve Jobs works of Jeffrey S. Young and William L. Simon. In 1993, jobs in the list of most self-assured executives in the U.S. magazine Fortune for his leadership next. Founder companion Dan'l Lewin, quoted by the magazine Fortune, "The motivation is not to be trusted ... Amon discipline can not imagine," said office work that his personality has changed since then

Steve Jobs

There is a small story about Steve Jobs, who is his personal car number plates.

"The founder of Apple and Pixar Steve Jobs did not just change how to create and market computers, but also makes the popular iPhone and IPAD buyers are willing to make long queues of work Apple store died on 5 October last year aged. 56 after fight disease. After his death, rumors on the Internet for Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG, which has never had a license plate number.
Some say Jobs does not care to pay the fine, although of course he could. While others say that Jobs has won a special license to drive a vehicle without license plates. John Callas, who has worked as a guard of Apple denies all the rumors and to express them in iTWire.
Although he was a clever inventor in life, he lived in habits such as wearing a black turtleneck, "who always faithfully accompanied their appearance, using a pair of jeans, sneakers, too. The same applies for mounting. It is was always seen management Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG silver without the use of plates.
Kallas said that Steve Jobs has found that there were loopholes California, which requires installation of the number of cars after using it for 6 months. From there, Steve Jobs made a deal with the leasing company, where he will replace the Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG silver owned by exactly the same vehicle. "

Steve Jobs

Steve jobs work is listed as the principal inventor or co inventor of more than 230 patents or patents relating to the present set of technologies ranging from computers and portable user interfaces (including touch-based), speakers, keyboard, power adapter, stairs , buckles, clothing, hand ropes and clothes package


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