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iPod 5G The New Fifth Generation of iPod

The fifth generation IPod or ipod 5G was introduced on October 12, 2005, shortly after the introduction of the IPod Nano. This is the first IPod, they can play video. IPod  is the first video will be available in an alternative color scheme in the form of non-special edition, like a black option was added in the "Signature IPod White", and marks the second full redesign of rearranged IPod aesthetic proportions, returning to fully flat front plate, and a rounded rear fender. A 30 GB model is available for U.S. $ 299 and 60 GB models are available for $ 399. In IPod video is also available in a special edition U2 U.S. $ 349 for 30 GB. In IPod Video is the newest model has a plastic face.

In IPod Video game in MP4 (up to 2.5 Mbit / s) (up to 1.5 Mbit / sec, a basic profile only) formats H.264. Videos as TV shows, podcasts, music videos and movies can be purchased from online stores like iTunes Store, or downloaded from Google Video and other sources, then imported into the IPod through iTunes software.

Good: Very thin and intuitive design, beautiful LCD, supports playback of photos and video integration with ITunes, which offers the largest music catalog in the world and stores new video, smooth video, many additional features such as world clock, stopwatch application and PIM, a galaxy of accessories designed for the IPod; greater total value.

The bad: No extra added, dock, A / V cable and AC adapter, the battery is poor for video; slight delay when playing video, no guarantee that the video did not upload music store will play the IPods, even after being converted using third party software.

Finally: IPod 5G Get affordable, sleek and sexy Apple audio virtues. Although video looks great, poor battery life and video relatively small screen hamper appeal of video heads.
View: Note the new IPod Apple, if you have one in your hand. Some of you will notice subtle differences, such as the lack of smart headphone jack, a smaller Click Wheel, IPods and super flat face. IPod Experienced users may complain that it is important because power adapter and A / V cable is not bundled with the device. 

Take a look at a new IPod Apple, if you have one in your hand. Most of you will see a design that is thinner, lighter and sexier than its predecessor and a new screen that dwarfs Click Wheel. Some of you will notice subtle differences, such as the lack of smart headphone jack, a smaller Click Wheel, IPods and super flat face. IPod Experienced users may complain that it is important because power adapter and A / V cable is not bundled with the device. But despite the fact that this is an audio player first and foremost - and that the terms are often used - all of you will remember as the fifth generation IPod video.

Those who follow gadgets know that Apple does not create a portable digital video, companies such as Archons, Creative, and IRIVER produced good products, if not the stars that play back video - and larger screens with better battery life . But if Apple can do for video what it has done for audio - that is, to provide ecosystem of hardware / software that offers a decent selection of content and makes it easy to get video IPod - then this device, it or not, will be remembered as one who started the portable digital video revolution.

In IPod 5G, which is available in white or Nano black and comes in 30GB and 60GB capacities for $ 299 and $ 399, respectively, are the best we have used so far. But since added significant additional features - video playback - for a solid foundation, audio centric, there is room for improvement.

In an era of technological advances that seemingly unstoppable, the IPod Apple is due to update both physically and feature wise. And IPod 5G is much more than just an update. Like the Nano before it can see and IPod touch in person to appreciate it. 30GB body, which measures 4.1 by 2.4 by 0.4 inches and weighs only 4.8 ounces, is baby-soft touch, and while design elements such as the rear wheels and polished silver Click to know, that IPod has added sexiness, thanks to larger screen that dominates the upper half

Apple or drastically shrink the width of the body version of the IPod 30GB is 31% thinner than IPod 20GB. 60GB version measures only 0.55 inches, which is also thinner than the 20GB IPOD. Personally, we think the older models, with soft edges and added thickness is a boy who is friendly hand. Click on the wheel, which uses in-house technology (Apple abandoned Synaptic technology starting with the Nano), is actually smaller - about one-quarter inch in diameter - from IPod 4G, which means that you will not get as much action with scroll each stroke of the thumb. Select button, which is slightly raised before, is now flat. Headphone jack has been moved to the far right and the smart jack, which is used by a number of accessories such as remote control of Apple, has disappeared. Hold switch is moved from right to left, and dock connector remains bottom center. Overall, the physical design is simpler and more refined though slightly less ergonomic. Generally, you will surely be boring to keep IPod in the 28th minutes watching video.

5G IPod comes in black or white and the back which slopes gently polished in front of the player, so I slipped into his pocket. The most noticeable feature, of course, 2.5-inch, 260,000 colors displays with 320x240 pixels resolution crisp. Extra half inch diagonal not only wonders for photos (now you get a network of six five thumbnails), album art, and the interface as a whole, but also made the video to see an attempt, if not make sense, please

Videos or photo slideshows can be played from the fifth generation IPod 5G TV, projector or monitor using Apple IPod AV cable or dock with S-Video cable. In IPod video was updated on September 12, 2006. This update includes a brighter screen, longer video playback, new headphones designed and search functions. The 60 GB model was replaced with an 80 GB model and reduces the price of U.S. $ 50 for both GB 30 (U.S. $ 249) and 80 GB (U.S. $ 349) models.


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