Thursday, November 10, 2011

iPad 3G not Bad but Good

IPAD 3G launched and customer mailbox on Friday afternoon, but how the model is slightly different than the original? Is the ability to use 3G worth the extra $ 130 model? After spending the weekend with the use of 3G IPAD and compare them head to head with Wi-Fi models only, we hope we can help potential buyers to understand what may be the best model for them IPAD.

For comparison, my own, I use a 32 GB Wi-Fi only units purchased since launch day and 64 GB Wi-Fi 3 G model, which arrived on Friday. Both units are connected to 802.11n at the same home network and 3G test performed in your home area that provides the best AT & T 3G signal.

Moving from the basics like the look and feel and picture data plan, let's look at some of the best aspects of 3G-specific model.

In addition to a 3G modem, 3G IPAD also has an integrated GPS. This means that the application of mapping and location-specific information, 3G IPAD will be more accurate than the IPAD Wi-Fi only using Wi-Fi to get location coordinates. Now, in place of Wi-Fi solutions are not bad - and for most applications, it is more than enough.

However, if you want to make any turn-by-turn to work or want to use a compass or mapping application that really should have full support GPS, 3G IPAD will be great for this. If you think there IPAD installed in your car is a great idea before, think of it with full support for GPS 9.7-inch touch screen!

Once 3G modem also goes a long way to making the IPAD truly mobile device. In the past month that have been widely used IPAD within my home, Starbucks or anywhere else I know will have Wi-Fi. This means that the use of exit out of the pool (unless you want to spend some time hacking Wi-Fi from one of the neighbors) and limited use in the car.

Just know that I can have a data connection, which alone makes IPAD 3G is more directly useful as a go-connected devices. Before, I always feel like you decide to just go with your iPhone or packaging also my laptop.

If you already have a MiFi box or accessories and you want something more portable than a laptop to take with you, IPAD 3G is good, not only because you are sure that if Wi-Fi is ugly or not, you can still more likely to access the data.

When is Apple products, most consumers should want to have every option available to them. Ultimately, this is possible when the future repetition of the iPhone OS or a new version of the application arrives owner IPAD models are able to earn huge profits. But this is not possible. Today, Apple seems to intend to support both versions of the same IPAD. Plus, WiFi works great on IPAD version is cheaper. And for most users live with WiFi connectivity not only proved to be a problem. The ability to connect to 3G may appeal to some people, but ultimately, these people are probably just as quick to realize that WiFi model works.

The weakness of the U.S. IPAD 3G is that 3G services AT & T, of course. I hope that 3G connection speeds of 3G IPAD would somehow be better - even if only slightly - compared with the iPhone 3G. This is not true.

This is not to say that through the use of IPAD 3G unbearable. It is not, it will only be significantly slower than the home network broadband speed available via 802.11n. I did some head to head test between IPAD and IPAD 3G Wi-Fi, contains the same website from the cache clean and in any case, a model with Wi-Fi only IPAD 3G defeated by a substantial margin.

Note, I also tested AT & T 3G network regions that perform significantly better than many other major cities: Atlanta. Offices AT & T Mobility companies are literally around the corner where I live and 3G tower is close and unobstructed.

In some cases the difference is less profound. For example, when playing video on, I was not able to detect the difference in how quickly started playing video, or quality. Now, I'm not sure what to do with the fact that web video can be optimized for quick launch of mobile, but it looks like performance difference will be deeper if a site is optimized for 3G connectivity.

As someone who has used AT & T 3G network, so you know, access to Internet service can not be compared at each level with a solid WiFi connection. In my experience with AT & T 3G, I have found that linking the web can be quite slow. And compared to WiFi, this is not a race. In fact, 3G will provide users with Internet access in places where WiFi is not available, but its usefulness can be questioned. For the most part, 3G will be used as a last resort, not the desired connection.

Not surprisingly, Apple has so much success with IPAD special iPad 3g. But remember this is just the beginning - we will soon see Android-based tablet (such as Dell Streak), and later this year, Google Chrome OS. So let's look at the IPAD 3G in depth.


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