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Best Applications Free for iPad

Best Applications Free for iPad

In July 2011, there were more than 425,000 IOS applications in iTunes App Store, 100, 000 of them local application IPAD. This is an incredible amount of software fighting for a home or IPAD IPAD 2, and no doubt some of them are big and some are junk. So the important question is how one can find gems among the trash? The most basic answer is to read user reviews and evaluations of the App Store, but that the potential for much of the time sucks. In addition, the wisdom of crowds is not always all that wise. choosing the best IPAD applications.

This is not only the hardware
Given its impact on the notebook space, it's amazing to think that IPAD platforms have been around for two full years. However, the relatively short existence, IPAD is not only revolutionized the market for thin tablet form factor and ease of use, but for different applications available for it.

In the iTunes App Store is where users can expand the capabilities of their iPads "with new software, ranging from social network-oriented business environment. Unfortunately, clean volume makes it very difficult to find a decent download. Of course , cherry choose applications that appear on the App Store Top Charts is a solid starting point, but there are plenty of quality applications that do not live on this page. We dug far below that choose us.

This is the best application ever found. They are all IPAD-optimized, not iPhone apps stretched to fit the IPAD. They get the job done, they are fun to use, and some of them are free.

1Password for IPAD

1Password encryption, store and manage passwords and other personal information, and to automatically log on to websites and other Internet services. You can use it to store credit card numbers, bank account numbers, ATM PIN, etc.. 1Password is a very useful application for Mac and iPhone, and now available for IPAD, as well.

Instapaper Pro

Instapaper is simple and highly addictive. If you surf the Web and find an article fats that do not have time to read immediately, simply click on the bookmarklet to your browser, and articles that directly enrolled members of the queue Instapaper. Com. Then, when you have time to read, you can call the members of his tail and dig in.


Apple iBooks application is one of the centerpieces of the IPAD debut - it's a wonderful program that has its own online bookstore. However, I prefer the Amazon Kindle e-book application.
It allows you to buy and download books from Amazon Kindle store and read them on any device: PC, Mac, IPAD, iPhone, BlackBerry or Kindle reader. As you read, the service saves space, so if you read a few pages of the Kindle, but then switched to the IPAD and then your iPhone, you can instantly get where you stop every time.


If you're a fan Netflix, this is a must - an application that lets you watch streaming movies and TV shows from your Netflix queue on your IPAD.
The user interface looks like this is just a web browser pointing to the website of Netflix. If you stop watching a movie half way through, the application is designed to remember where you have to start again after you close the application and return later, no matter which service you use to watch movies. This is a nice feature, but I found that works unevenly - sometimes remember the application site, sometimes not.


Apple Pages is a small application that impressive. This condensed down fully functional text editor, which costs only $ 9.99. It has all the basic skills that you would expect from a text editor: You can write and edit text format, embedded images and graphics, and more. Layout, you can navigate with your fingers or resize them by pinching with two fingers.
Pages can import documents in two formats: Pages '09 for Mac and Microsoft Word (Office 97 and later). It can export pages, '09, Word 97 or later and PDF

TweetDeck for IPAD

Existing Twitter clients available for IPAD. I tried several, and TweetDeck is my favorite.
This is a free version of the desktop client from the most popular Twitter power user. It has the familiar multicolumn view, which you can customize to display messages from all your friends, @ mentions, direct messages, saved searches and your Twitter list. TweetDeck also shortens the URL.

Things IPAD

This is a control panel for my life. I depend on the version of Mac and iPhone, and I am pleased to see a developer cultivated Code was quickly out of the gate with IPAD version $ 19.99. This version is all the basic tasks that Mac and iPhone versions do: It makes a list of tasks with start and due date, and arrange them in a list of projects, areas of responsibility, next actions and more.
IPAD version is an attractive interface that looks like a tablet of white ruled paper. When you change projects or areas, sheets of paper seems to curl up, page turning.

Weather Channel Max for IPAD

The iPhone is equipped with a weather widget between the pre-installed applications, but they have disappeared from IPAD. This means that you should check the weather forecast or online or download an application. My favorite application so far: The Weather Channel offered free of charge.
This application is a candy store weather geeks. You can use it not only to check the local forecast, but also to know the day at sunrise and sunset, without having to dig too deep.

Best Applications Free for iPad


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