Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Apple iPhone 4S Battery Test with N9

The iPhone 4S become slightly more efficient than the Nokia N9 when inside of a call. We found the iOS flagship perfect for enduring up to 7 working hours and 41 minutes of communicating over a 3G network for a passing fancy charge. That’s nearly an hour above the Nokia N9 result.
Apple iPhone 4S Battery Test
The iPhone 4S also did pretty much in the web browsing task. A fully charged iPhone 4S experienced 6 hours and 56 a matter of minutes of browsing before it eventually turned off. To put things into mindset, the Nokia N9 only succeeded 4 hours and 33 minutes during this test.

In fact, if you play Xvid training video on the iPhone through among the list of third party players instead with converting it to its local format via iTunes, it scores slightly below what the Nokia N9. The 4S achieved 7 hours and 19 minutes in the scenario.

The latest Apple smartphone meant it was three out of three while in the third trial, which was training video playback. The iPhone 4S managed a 9 hours and 24 a matter of minutes of non-stop video playback in advance of its battery reached 10% (while using rules of this test, it stops at 10% in lieu of 0%). The winning margin is smaller here though together with the Nokia N9, achieving 8 working hours and 40 minutes.

With that types of usage, the iPhone 4S really should be connected to a charger any 45 hours (that’s a score with native video playback). The iOS smartphone stand-by proved slightly less effective than that of your Nokia N9, but the iPhone 4S consumes fewer battery juice doing the tasks contained in the test, so the result is not a surprise.
Finally, we come to a vey important aspect of our new power test. The battery endurance rating of every smartphone shows how often you really should charge it, if you used it for an hour of talk time, 1 hour of video playback and an hour of web browsing every working day.
You should keep in mind though that him and i conducted the iPhone 4S test with location services turned off. As you know, there’s a dilemma with those that causes power drain with some units (that issue really should be fixed in iOS 5. 0. 1), so we turned them off the choices be on the safe section.


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